Ency J. Mwalukasa

Ency Jackson Mwalukasa When asked of when they got interested in singing, many musicians say they started at a very tender age. Mrs. Ency Mwalukasa is no exception.
A respected singer from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, Ency started singing when she was only five years old, imitating musicians on TV and the Radio.

However, it was her deceased father, the late Mr. Jackson Ntepa who inspired her in music by playing a guitar. He bought hymn books and often led them in singing in Nyakyusa, their mother tongue. He also arranged family music competitions and Ency remembers winning when she was nine.

Ency confesses that her mother, Mrs. Jennifer Kisole is the link to her singing, acting, and creativity talents. She acquired these virtues from her mother who also features in her song Nakupenda Mama (I love you Mother).

Besides her parents, Ency singles out her elder sister Bishop Joyce Luki Nwaka and her husband Arch Bishop Prophet Bernard Nwaka of Living Water Global ministries as being instrumental in her music ministry. She considers them her spiritual parents for they led her to Christ, baptize, and trained her at Living Water Bible school in Zambia.

Her sister Joyce encouraged and inspired her to sing. She taught her songs and often took her to church to sing with her when she (Ency) was young. Ency is deeply grateful to Joyce and says, "May GOD bless you my sister Joyce. You brought salvation to our family." She is also thankful to her brother-in-law Bishop Nwaka.

In 1994 Ency released her first album, Hapo mwanzo Neno (In the Beginning the Word). She has trained many singers and believes that God has specifically called her to minister internationally and also to teach Christians about praise and worship. She has written a book on understanding the ministry of praise and worship.

Her missionary work has taken her to several nations to minister. So far, she has been to Zambia, Kenya, Zimbabwe and the United Kingdom. She reveals that her goal is to reach the corners of the world through preaching and singing.

Ency thanks God sincerely for her song Tanzania Njoo kwa Bwana (Tanzania Come to the Lord). This was the first Gospel song to make a hit on the local TV media and, hence, opened the door for other TV stations to start broadcasting Christian music. Previously, TV stations reject playing gospel songs. She, therefore, extends her thanks to Mr. Buthu of TVT who sponsored her to shoot the song and organized for its airing on national television.

She also extends her gratitude to Pastor Huruma Nkone and the Nkones' family who helped her in her first album Neno; her group members, Maabadi, David Senyenge, Donis Nkone, and Frank. Also, the Peacemakers; Saita, Magreth Kanyambo, Stella Joel and Japhet for their assistance in 1994.

She further thanks her husband, adviser, prayer partner and comforter, perfect partner and God's gift to her, Mr. Josiah Absalom Mwalukasa, for all the support he's accorded her. Ency thanks all the others whom she is not able to mention by name because of space. May the Lord bless you all for your support and encouragement.

Ency has so far released six CD Albums and one video;

  1. VOL1. NENO, 1993.
  2. VOL2. OOH MY GOD, 1999 .
  3. VOL3. IKO GHARAMA, 2003 .
  5. VOL5. NAKUHIMIDI, 2006.
  6. VOL6. USILIE - Abudu na kuomba, 2007 .
  7. VIDEO: The best of Ency Jackson (KALI ZA ENCY).

Besides her engagement in music, Ency is also involved in the following ministries;

  1. Teaching about praise and worship in churches.
  2. Preaching in schools and teaching in different seminars and Christian radio stations.
  3. Writing books and articles.
  4. Counselling and praying for people in problems







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